1 month in


Dear Chloe,

It is hard to believe that you are one month old today. Your dad and I already love you so much and can’t imagine life without you (even during your evening ‘witching hours’). At the moment I am watching you sit in your swing in your bright pink onesie. You have the most amazing facial expressions while you sleep.

This month has been filled with lots of firsts, adventures, love and learning. Highlights from the month include:

  1. Two weeks after you were born we took you to your first wedding. This was a scary experience for us as we didn’t know how you would be. Turns out you were fine and you ended up sleeping through most of the party!
  2. Before you were born, we bought you the most beautiful bassinet for you to sleep in. This has been the most useless purchase as you scream each time we put you in it.
  3. Close to your four-week birthday we had our first restaurant outing to Pizzeria Libretto.
  4. Each day we go on a walk around the neighbourhood. You seem to love these outings and are starting to look around more and more. Would love to know what you are thinking!
  5. So far your favourite thing we bought for you is the bouncy chair. For the first couple of weeks this was the only place (other than on us) you would sleep.
  6. Although you aren’t supposed to smile until a bit later on, we are convinced that you have started to smile this past week.
  7. You have the longest legs and love to push off on them. Somehow think you’ll be crawling sooner rather than later!
  8. We’ve nicknamed you ‘Munchies’ as you love to eat and eat. We need to remind ourselves to call you by your real name as you may start to think this is your name.
  9. Your grandma from B.C. came to visit you. Was great for you to get to meet her!
  10. Bath time is a disaster as your parents have no clue what they are doing. Hopefully we will get the hang of it soon!

We can’t wait to see what next month will bring!


Mom & Dad

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Baby friendly restaurant: Pizzeria Libretto

Enjoying Libretto

Enjoying Libretto

One of the most nerve-wracking things you can do as a new mom is take your baby to a restaurant, especially without your husband in tow! At least this was in my top ten list of things to do with a baby that scared me! Questions that go through your mind may include:

  • What happens if my baby cries or I need to breastfeed?
  • Is the restaurant easy to get into with a stroller?
  • Where can my baby sit?

This week I headed to Pizzeria Libretto on the Danforth to meet two of my friends who also have babies. This place is a godsend at lunchtime. Not only do you get to eat delicious food you also are in a completely baby friendly place. There is room to park your stroller and if your baby is too small to go in a high-chair you can place the carseat on one of the chairs. The staff is also super friendly and welcoming to breastfeeding moms.

My recommendation is to go here a little after the lunchtime rush (around 1:30) as it is a little quieter. The restaurant is also located close to the Pape subway station which is accessible for strollers.

Thank you to Libretto for making my first restaurant outing not so scary!

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Our favourite newborn items


Enjoying the Fisher Price swing

Before baby was born I was busy stocking up on all of the things I thought we needed to have on hand. Turns out that many of the things I bought have not been used and/or needed. Some of the things that I have been loving (for mom and baby) and using a lot of are below.

Fisher-Price Snugabunny bouncer: This has been a lifesaver in more ways than one. For the first few weeks this was the only thing we had that she would sleep in. I know we are probably not going to win parent of the year awards for putting her in this at nighttime, but when you are sleep deprived you will take what you can get.

Receiving blankets: We’ve been going through blankets like crazy each day. We have no real brand preference here, but we have been enjoying the Aden & Anais ones and also the Kushies brand.

Carter’s newborn onesies: When your baby is small (6-7 lbs) there isn’t a lot that fits well. We’ve found that the Carter’s onesies are the only ones that seem to work for us. A lot of the other brands’ newborn sizing runs a little wide which isn’t great.

Earth Mama natural nipple butter: If you plan on breastfeeding stock up on nipple cream. I know they tell you breastfeeding isn’t supposed to hurt, but in the first couple of weeks it will (more on that later). This product has helped protect my nipples and given me some comfort during these first few weeks.

Baby 411: A colleague gifted me this book before I went on maternity leave and it has been a great resource. All of the questions and concerns you have (i.e. is it normal that my baby has peeling skin) is in there.

Exercise ball: I originally bought this as I was planning on using it during labour. While this didn’t happen I have been using it a lot to soothe baby. There must be something about the bouncing that puts them to sleep/soothes them.

Baby sees: A first book of faces: Newborns can’t see much, but this is a great first book as it has patterns and black’n’white faces of people babies see the most in high contrast.

Buncha Farmers’ natural stain stick: There will most definitely be stains (most likely poo stains). We’ve been using this stick to quickly remove things before throwing things in the wash.

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Welcome to the world Chloe


A little over a month ago my life changed in ways that no pregnancy or parenting book could have prepared me for.

Since Chloe was born on July 2nd my days are no longer filled with thoughts of work, spur of the moment outings, dinners out, post-work workout dates with friends and marathon TV show viewing sessions. Instead my days are filled with diapers changes, bouncy chairs, neighbourhood walks and brief moments of trying to get things done around the house. And for the most part I wouldn’t change a thing. Well, maybe a few things as I think it is important to be honest…it would be great to get more sleep for sure and to not struggle so much with breastfeeding. Since becoming a mom five weeks ago here are some of the things that I’ve learned:

Leaving the house takes time: Gone are the days of just hopping in the shower, getting ready and leaving the house. Since C arrived it takes a couple of hours to make sure we arrive where we need to be. The goal is just to be as on time as possible.

Solo outings with a baby aren’t so scary: I was petrified the first time I left the house alone with C and all we were doing was going for a neighbourhood walk. All I could I think about was what would happen if she cried and started to fuss. What would other people think? Would they think I was a bad mom? Now this fear is starting to lessen as we’ve tackled the bus, visits with friends at restaurants and trips around the neighbourhood.

Each day is a new day: There are definitely days that are tougher than others, but am starting to learn that every tomorrow brings a new adventure and milestone. These things make the tougher days less bad. Seeing C smile for the first time one morning was a pretty exciting moment.

Other moms are going through the same thing: I recently joined a mom and baby group. It has been great to connect with others who are going through the same thing as you. Meeting other moms has made me realize that the questions, concerns and things I’m going through are pretty normal. We all have similar experiences and it is pretty cool to be with other women who don’t care if your baby starts to howl!

Who am I? One of the things I have also realized is that I have ceased to exist as my own person at the moment. While it is great that we can swap stories at the moms group, it has been pretty interesting to me that we aren’t really getting to know one another at the moment. There are no questions about you, where you come from and/or what you do. This may come with time, though.

And finally…meeting your baby and getting to know them is one of the best feelings in the world.


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