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Baby-friendly restaurant – Combine Eatery

It seems as though I’m having a lot of luck finding baby-friendly places to eat lunch with friends on the Danforth. Last week three of us met with babies in tow up at Combine Eatery and received a warm welcome. … Continue reading

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Living in the moment

Sometimes it is ok to stay at home in your PJs. To lounge on the couch covered by a cozy blanket and to watch your baby sleep beside you in her bouncy chair. Seeing her smile in her sleep is … Continue reading

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Initial thoughts on taking transit with a baby in Toronto

Over the years I’ve made no secret of my displeasure with the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC). Constant delays, slow rides and packed subway trains has been the norm when traveling to/from work. There have been days when I have chosen … Continue reading

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My favourite baby book

Hands down my favourite go-to baby reference book is Baby 411. A colleague gifted me this book before going on maternity leave and over the past 6 weeks it has been my baby question bible. One thing about having a … Continue reading

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The cookbook challenge

One of the things that bugged me when I was pregnant was being told how I wouldn’t have time for anything other than looking after my baby. Six weeks in I completely understand that taking care of a baby is … Continue reading

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How do you ask for another mom’s number?

I’ve lived in Toronto now for close to 8 years or is it 9? For some reason I can never seem to remember when I moved here from Montreal. When I moved here, I was fortunate to already have a … Continue reading

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Items I wish I didn’t buy for my newborn before she arrived

Before C was born I was fixated on buying things for her that I thought she needed right away. Five weeks into motherhood I have learned a valuable lesson. Wait until your baby is born, so you know what type … Continue reading

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