The cookbook challenge

Vietnamese chicken cabbage salad

Vietnamese chicken cabbage salad

One of the things that bugged me when I was pregnant was being told how I wouldn’t have time for anything other than looking after my baby. Six weeks in I completely understand that taking care of a baby is a lot of work (more than I bargained for), but I’ve also realized that it is important to still take time for myself and to also set my own goals. A healthier and happier mommy in my eyes is going to result in a healthier and happier baby.

One of the goals that I have set for myself is to make a recipe a week from one of my 62 cookbooks. Yes, you read that right I have 62 cookbooks. For many years I have bought cookbook after cookbook and after looking through them once or twice I usually forget about the recipes I was going to make from them. Now with 52 weeks of maternity leave on my hands I have decided that I am going to make at least one recipe from each over the course of the year.

Three weeks into the challenge I have made halibut with puttanesca sauce, Vietnamese cabbage chicken salad and tandoori chicken pita pockets from three of my cookbooks. While this may seem like a random goal, I’ve really enjoyed the time I’ve spent looking through the selected cookbook, picking a recipe to try, figuring out how to put my own twist on it, shopping for the ingredients and making the meal. My own rules for this challenge are it has to be a recipe I’ve never made and I have to go in order of how my cookbooks are positioned on the bookshelf. I’ll begin to start sharing some of the recipes through the blog and as a way to capture my year. A related goal is by the end of the year to make my own cookbook filled with the recipes I have made.

Would love to know how other new moms make sure to take time for themselves!

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