How do you ask for another mom’s number?

Looking for some friends to go on walks with!

Looking for some friends to go on walks with!

I’ve lived in Toronto now for close to 8 years or is it 9? For some reason I can never seem to remember when I moved here from Montreal. When I moved here, I was fortunate to already have a number of good friends living here and my boyfriend (now husband). Over the years new Toronto friendships have developed. I’ve had a lot of luck meeting people through various running groups, other friends and work.

Now that I’m a mom and on maternity leave I’m in the market for some neighbourhood mom friends. The neighbourhood I’m living in is filled with moms and strollers. One of the nearby streets is literally stroller central. I’m constantly passing other moms with their babies on the street and have talked to quite a few.

This morning I went out for a walk with C in tow and stopped at the new neighbourhood juice place. While I was there contemplating what juice to taste, another Mom popped in. We got talking while our juices were being made and it seemed that she could have been interested in carrying on the conversation. Then the juices were ready and we had to say good-bye. As I walked away I thought wouldn’t it have been nice to get her contact info, so we could maybe grab a coffee or go on some walks together.

My question is how to do you take these passing chats in the streets and stores to the next level – making a new friend?

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