Items I wish I didn’t buy for my newborn before she arrived

Before C was born I was fixated on buying things for her that I thought she needed right away. Five weeks into motherhood I have learned a valuable lesson. Wait until your baby is born, so you know what type of baby you have. The things your friends’ babies have may or may not work for you. Save your money and wait to see. Stores will still exist and be open after your baby is born. In no particular order, here are some of the items I wish I either didn’t buy or held off on buying.

  1. The bassinet: I was obsessed about where our baby would sleep when she was born. With all of the news, Canadian guidelines and SIDS warnings I was paranoid. We needed something that was safe and would work until we were ready to transition her to the crib in her room. Enter the bassinet. I needed to have it. It was beautiful, expensive and fit in with our bedroom’s decor. Turns out C hated it and even if she was asleep as soon as I put her in it she would scream. I ended up buying the much cheaper Fisher Price rock’n’play sleeper which she loves. I know Canada has some warnings about this product, but to be honest if it is approved in the US I figure it is ok. She’s also only still sleeping for a few hours at a time.
  2. Baby carrier: I recently went to an informational session about baby carriers as part of the mom’s group I’ve joined. It was really helpful to learn more about what was out there and to also try a few different options before purchasing. I’ve now gone out and bought the carrier that is right for us, but also have the one I bought before she arrived.
  3. Clothes: I know this one is hard, but trust me everyone (especially if it is a girl!) will be giving you clothes – either brand-new or their own hand-me-downs. I’d recommend buying some onesies and pants to get you started before you buy up the store.
  4. Fancy baby bathtub: Your baby isn’t going to know the difference and a simple tub from Ikea with an infant insert at first would definitely do the trick.
  5. Change table: The dream was that C was going to have her diaper changed on her pristine white linens on top of a beautiful change table/dresser. The reality is that we have for the moment at least moved her change pad to my bathroom as it is more convenient, has access to running water and allows us to easily throw soiled clothes in the sink for soaking.

What are some baby items you wish you hadn’t purchased?

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