Our favourite newborn items


Enjoying the Fisher Price swing

Before baby was born I was busy stocking up on all of the things I thought we needed to have on hand. Turns out that many of the things I bought have not been used and/or needed. Some of the things that I have been loving (for mom and baby) and using a lot of are below.

Fisher-Price Snugabunny bouncer: This has been a lifesaver in more ways than one. For the first few weeks this was the only thing we had that she would sleep in. I know we are probably not going to win parent of the year awards for putting her in this at nighttime, but when you are sleep deprived you will take what you can get.

Receiving blankets: We’ve been going through blankets like crazy each day. We have no real brand preference here, but we have been enjoying the Aden & Anais ones and also the Kushies brand.

Carter’s newborn onesies: When your baby is small (6-7 lbs) there isn’t a lot that fits well. We’ve found that the Carter’s onesies are the only ones that seem to work for us. A lot of the other brands’ newborn sizing runs a little wide which isn’t great.

Earth Mama natural nipple butter: If you plan on breastfeeding stock up on nipple cream. I know they tell you breastfeeding isn’t supposed to hurt, but in the first couple of weeks it will (more on that later). This product has helped protect my nipples and given me some comfort during these first few weeks.

Baby 411: A colleague gifted me this book before I went on maternity leave and it has been a great resource. All of the questions and concerns you have (i.e. is it normal that my baby has peeling skin) is in there.

Exercise ball: I originally bought this as I was planning on using it during labour. While this didn’t happen I have been using it a lot to soothe baby. There must be something about the bouncing that puts them to sleep/soothes them.

Baby sees: A first book of faces: Newborns can’t see much, but this is a great first book as it has patterns and black’n’white faces of people babies see the most in high contrast.

Buncha Farmers’ natural stain stick: There will most definitely be stains (most likely poo stains). We’ve been using this stick to quickly remove things before throwing things in the wash.

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