1 month in


Dear Chloe,

It is hard to believe that you are one month old today. Your dad and I already love you so much and can’t imagine life without you (even during your evening ‘witching hours’). At the moment I am watching you sit in your swing in your bright pink onesie. You have the most amazing facial expressions while you sleep.

This month has been filled with lots of firsts, adventures, love and learning. Highlights from the month include:

  1. Two weeks after you were born we took you to your first wedding. This was a scary experience for us as we didn’t know how you would be. Turns out you were fine and you ended up sleeping through most of the party!
  2. Before you were born, we bought you the most beautiful bassinet for you to sleep in. This has been the most useless purchase as you scream each time we put you in it.
  3. Close to your four-week birthday we had our first restaurant outing to Pizzeria Libretto.
  4. Each day we go on a walk around the neighbourhood. You seem to love these outings and are starting to look around more and more. Would love to know what you are thinking!
  5. So far your favourite thing we bought for you is the bouncy chair. For the first couple of weeks this was the only place (other than on us) you would sleep.
  6. Although you aren’t supposed to smile until a bit later on, we are convinced that you have started to smile this past week.
  7. You have the longest legs and love to push off on them. Somehow think you’ll be crawling sooner rather than later!
  8. We’ve nicknamed you ‘Munchies’ as you love to eat and eat. We need to remind ourselves to call you by your real name as you may start to think this is your name.
  9. Your grandma from B.C. came to visit you. Was great for you to get to meet her!
  10. Bath time is a disaster as your parents have no clue what they are doing. Hopefully we will get the hang of it soon!

We can’t wait to see what next month will bring!


Mom & Dad

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